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Don't Just Put Up With Bad Behavior, Train Your Dog With These Simple Tips

If you're new to canine training, you might need tips on how to train a dog properly. Ahead are some of the suggestions and advice you dog training tricks will need to meet your goals in dog training.

Most dogs are eager to please and respond better to rewards than punishment. You need to first show your dog what he is expected to do, then establish a familiar routine with rewards you can practice with the dog each day. This is the correct way for a dog to learn a trick. You show them using rewards and repetition.

Each dog will respond to different training methods. For example, a laid back and loving dog will likely thrive on positive reinforcement, whereas a more aggressive dog may need negative reinforcement in order to respect your alpha position. Never be afraid to try a new training style dog training games if your current one is not effective.

Don't ever use food to control your dog's behavior. Food is critical to every dog's survival, and therefore different types of rewards must be used. While giving physical rewards is good, you should also give him a lot of praise.

If you will allow your dog to go inside, be sure you have a certain area for them to use. Start with placing potty pad in various places of the house, gradually working toward one spot where you want to designate as the potty area.

You need to work on training your dog everyday. Request that your dog sits prior to being fed, petted or taken outdoors. If you continually reinforce your training, the dog is sure to learn to always follow commands. If you only use certain commands in certain situations, your dog will not understand that he must listen to them at all times.

Consistency is the key to training. Make sure that others are using similar commands if they are training your dog. Your puppy will learn quickly if you only use a few different words and always expect the same behavior.

Pick the proper size crate for your dog if you want to be able to effectively use the crate to train it. Keep in mind that your puppy will eventually grow into a bigger dog. Choose a crate that your puppy can grow in, but won't grow out of. Generally speaking, your pet should be able to circle, sit and sleep without discomfort.

Dogs must see the vet at least once per year. Check your dog's health if you notice him having a hard time with training. You might see that they are must sick or in pain. A lot of the time you will find that your dog is sick when they act differently. Aggression can show pain, and "accidents" around the house could show an infection or even bladder stones.

A puppy should have chew toys to get him through the teething pains. Keep other things out of his reach. Replace the item immediately with one of the dog's own chew toys. Puppies sometimes chew objects while going through their teething phase. A wet cloth that has been frozen is perfect for them during this time.

In conclusion, training your dog can be helpful to get them to behave and perhaps learn some new things. By using the above tips, you'll soon become an expert at training your dog.

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