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Popular Modern-day Memorials and Gravestone Selection

Historically all memorials or gravestones could have been hand carved and made out of granite, slate and marble. In our contemporary world this is all still relevant and offered by most reputable suppliers and manufacturers of memorials or gravestones, though the range of material's, finishes, designs and application of personal message or overall design can make a stone to accommodate you requirements.


The advances of technology have meant that the manufacture, carving, engraving and today even etching, signifies that customers can produce their own bespoke design for the personalised memorial or gravestone, which a manufacturer will be able to reproduce to fit their needs.

Take a look at look at a brief guide to many of the memorials or gravestone options and the completed finishes available to your personal choice.

Although Granite stone memorials and headstones are often the most popular decision for many people, it is a marble headstone which provides the most flexibility for design, colour inscription, and also if you would like an accompanying statue or figure being displayed on your memorial.

The marble quarried from North West Italy is usually considered the finest marble utilized in the production of gravestones and memorials. The marble out of this region often displays the classic white to blue-white veined marble, occasionally you might be fortunate to come across the darker blue-grey coloured marble, which is known as dove marble, depending of the tastes or needs to the final form of finish required.

Marble can be versatile when considering any desired figures or statues to include in a chosen memorial stone, due to it's slightly softer composition to many of stone materials especially granite. Most suppliers have a range of carved figure possibilities, but if you have a particular design requirement it could be well worth seeing if it can be reproduced in marble on your chosen memorial.

If durability is often a prerequisite, then granite is first option for many people, as it offers a supreme long-lasting finish. This hard-wearing and long-lasting durability means that carving and overall manipulation in the stone is harder, this will increase costs mainly because it will take longer produce. Subsequently, the price do reflect this extra time and work linked to manipulating granite as memorial gravestone, however, this is a small price to pay for something will last and retain its looks a substantial time.

Based on a location of residence, you may also choose from a selection of other native or local quarried stones to choose as a favourable memorial or gravestone, which may often give a traditional appearance within a final resting place.


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